SF-3000 LS SpaceFAB

Six axes micro positioning system
Compact, low profile system
Travel ranges linear 50 x 50 x 12.7 mm
Travel ranges rotation Rx, Ry, Rz 10°
Load capacity 1 kg center mounted
Automatic alignment
Pivot point can be set by the customer
User friendly software
Can be used by any modern programming language
Including software, controller and amplifiers


  • Pivot point can be set by the customer
  • Digital display of position and orientation
  • Control by Macro-language stored in own editor
  • Jog mode

The SpaceFAB SF-3000 LS is a low cost alternative to PI miCos SpaceFAB SF-3000 BS and is especially designed for precision positioning. With one SpaceFAB SF-3000 LS all six degrees of freedom can be moved without additional positioning elements SpaceFAB SF-3000 LS was especially developed for easy alignment applications. Furthermore SpaceFAB SF-3000 LS is perfectly designed for micro-fabrication and biomedical. The core software used for the SpaceFAB SF-3000 LS is the PI miCos Motion Server. The Motion Server includes all the mathematical transformations so that the user can start movements directl y by specifying the six coordinates x, y, z, Rx, Ry and Rz. The Motion Server can be used as a stand alone software or in combination with PI miCos or selfmade applications. These applications can be written in any modern programming language, the communication is done via TCP/IP.


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Zeichnungen / Bilder

PI SF-3000 LS, 2Phase-042
PI SF-3000 LS, Plateau




PI Datenblatt SF-3000 LS

pdf - 791 KB
pdf - 791 KB



PI miCos Motors & Encoders: Stepper Motors

Technical Data of 2-Phase Stepper
pdf - 58 KB

PI miCos Technical Data Linear and Rotary Encoders

Technical Data of Linear Encoders (LE) and Rotary Encoders (RE/AE)
pdf - 83 KB