SMC hydra SMC-series

PI SMC Hydra
    • 2 axes motion controller
    • High resolution microstep amplifier for DC brush, 2-phase stepper, 2- and 3-phase
    • linear / torque motors (BLDC),
      4-phase piezo motor
    • Motor type software configurable (except piezo motor)
    • 24 V / 48 V bus-voltage up to 500 W
    • Motorola power PC with 760 Mips
    • Closed-loop with absolute encoder (multiturn)
    • Closed-loop with incremental encoder 1Vpp or RS-422
    • Encoder based trigger output
    • Position capture input
    • Linear interpolation
    • Ethernet 10/100 MBit
    • RS-232 up to 115.2 kbaud
    • VENUS-3 compatible string based command language
    • Handwheel (Can-Bus)
    • Joystick (Can-Bus)
    • Linear 4 Phase Piezo Amplifier (no PWM, for electrical noise sensitiveapplications)
    • Manual on request
    • Available soon:
    • Digital IO expansion (Can-Bus)

The newest member of the SMC-series offers now a Closed-Loop with a specially designed new absolute encoder system. Just power-on the system, no homing necessary, you know where you are.
By the way, the new SMC-hydra supports classical rotary and linear encoders 1 Vpp, 2 Phase stepper motors, 2 Phase and 3-Phase direct drives, and standard DC-brush motors. In preparation is a piezo-motor implementation for our PiCo stages. The very powerful processor architecture (Power-PC) gives us a high flexibility offering new features. Modern communication-interface via Ethernet 10/100 Mbit and High-Speed RS-232 simplifies the software integration. The VENUS-3 command-interpreter is based on our well known Venus-1 and Venus-2 interpreters.


SMC hydra



Communication Ethernet

10/100 MBit ; RS-232 interface 115.2 kBaud


Stepper, linear and torque motors 1, 2 and 3 phase and piezo motors, up to 10 A phase current Servo motors up to 200 W

Input / Output

6x inputs, optically isolated, 5-24 V

1x input for emergency (optically isolated)

4x 10 bit analog outputs1x open drain output (100 mA)

fast trigger output 400 kHz / trigger input (10 kHz)


Parameter & program 8 MByte

Operating system


Encoder Interface

1Vpp 12 bit sin-cos interpolator 150 kHz

RS-422 quadrature 16 MHz

Trigger-out / capture-in

Position compare output max. 400 kHz

Position capture input max 10 kHz 4M captures

(only available with Delta-Star interface)


Open loop and closed-loop PID standard or PID adaptive

Amplifier principle

Digital MOS-FET, galvanically isolated, 24 / 48 V

Analog , galvanically isolated, 48 V 10 A

Power Supply

Hydra CM : 24 VDC 48 V 360 Watt (optional)

Hydra TT : 90-260 VAC 300 Watt

Hydra RM: 90-260 VAC 1000 Watt

Zeichnungen / Bilder



716096002 Achsen SMC hydra CM Bewegungssteuerung 24 V

716096012 Achsen SMC hydra TT Bewegungssteuerung 24 V

716096022 Achsen SMC hydra TT Bewegungssteuerung 48 V

716096032 Achsen SMC hydra CM Bewegungssteuerung 48 V

716096044 Achsen SMC Hydra RM 19" Bewegungssteuerung 24V

716096054 Achsen SMC Hydra RM 19" Bewegungssteuerung 48V

716096062 Achsen SMC hydra CM Piezo

716096072 Achsen SMC hydra TT Piezo

Mögliches Zubehör

716096112-Phasen Schrittmotor mit absolut messendem Encoder und Getriebe (12 Nm)

71609620Motorkabel für Motoren mit absolut messendem Encoder

71609627Netzteil 24V, 60W

71609626Netzteil 24V, 120W

71609625Netzteil 48V, 120W

71609633Joystick für 2 Achsen, CAN-Bus

71609634Triggersignal Kabel, Mini-HDMI,D-Sub 9

71609635Triggersignal Kabel, Mini-HDMI, BNC

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2 Axis Motion controller
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