SF-3000 BS SpaceFAB

PI SF-3000 BS
    • Six axes micro positioning system
    • Compact, low profile system
    • Travel ranges linear 50 mm x 100 mm x 12.7 mm
    • Travel ranges rotation Rx, Ry, Rz 10°
    • Load capacity 3 kg center mounted
    • Automatic alignment
    • Pivot point can be set by the customer
    • User friendly software
    • Can be used by any modern programming language
    • Including software, controller and amplifiers


  • Pivot point can be set by the customer
  • Digital display of position and orientation
  • Control by Macro-language stored in own editor
  • Jog mode

With one SpaceFAB SF-3000 BS all six degrees of freedom can be moved without additional positioning elements. The low weight of the moving platformallows high-dynamic positioning processes.
The non pre-loaded design can easily carry up to 2 kg center mounted. SpaceFAB SF-3000 BS is operating in closed loop mode. SpaceFAB SF-3000 BS was especially developed for applications in fiber-optic alignment. Furthermore SpaceFAB SF-3000 BS is perfectly designed for auto alignment of optical components, micro-fabrication and bio-genetic. The core software used for the SpaceFAB. SF-3000 BS is the Motion Server. The Motion Server includes all the mathematical transformations so that the user can start movements directly by specifying the six coordinates x, y, z, Rx, Ry and Rz. It is also possible to move arbitrary trajectories in a contouring mode. The Motion Server can be used as a stand alone software or in combination with or selfmade applications. These applications can be written in any modern programming language, the communication is done with TCP/IP. On request: A vacuum-version of the SpaceFAB SF-3000 BS is available in HV and UHV type Ask for: SpaceFAB SF-3000 BS Simulator. A program especially developed for simulation of travel range.


SF-3000 BS

Load Characteristics

Fx (N)

Fy (N)

Fz (N)

Mx (Nm)

My (Nm)

Mz (Nm)








Travel Range

Linear X, Y, Z (mm)

50 x 100 x 12.7 *

Rotation Rx, Ry, Rz (°)

10, 10, 10 *

Motor (Pitch 1 mm)


Speed max. X,Y, Z (mm/sec)


Speed max. Rx, Ry, Rz (°/sec)


Velocity Range (mm/sec)

0.01 .. 30 **

Velocity Range (°/sec)

0.001 .. 10 **

Weight (kg)


Bi-directional Repeatability

LinearX, Y, Z (µm)

± 0.5, ± 0.5, ± 0.5

RotationRx, Ry, Rz (°)

± 0.0011

Resolution calc. without load

LinearX, Y, Z (µm)


RotationRx, Ry, Rz (°)

depanding on the position of the pivot point

Resolution typical without load

LinearX, Y, Z (µm)


RotationRx, Ry, Rz (°)


Current (A)


Voltage Range (V)


Stiffness, theoretical Kx, Ky, Kz (N/µm)

on request


Stainless steel, Aluminum black anodized

Zeichnungen / Bilder

PI SF-3000BS Drawing PI SF-3000 BS Drawing PI Space FAB Vectors Drawing


690191201SF-3000 BS SpaceFAB, DC-Motor, Rotationsencoder, Plattformstandart

690191210SF-3000 BS SpaceFAB, DC-Motor, Linearencoder, Stahlmaßstab-012, Plattform Standart

690192201SF-3000 BS SpaceFAB, Schrittmotor, Rotationsencoder, Plattformstandart

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fileadmin/images/filelist/pdf.png PI Datenblatt SF-3000 BS
PDF 785 K
fileadmin/images/filelist/pdf.png PI Datasheet SF-3000 BS Vacuum
PDF 242 K
fileadmin/images/filelist/pdf.png PI miCos Motors & Encoders: Stepper Motors
Technical Data of 2-Phase Stepper
PDF 58 K
fileadmin/images/filelist/pdf.png PI miCos Motors & Encoders: DC-Brush Motors
Technical Data of DC-Brush Motors
PDF 78 K
fileadmin/images/filelist/pdf.png PI miCos Technical Data Linear and Rotary Encoders
Technical Data of Linear Encoders (LE) and Rotary Encoders (RE/AE)
PDF 83 K
fileadmin/images/filelist/zip.png SF-3000BS STEP
ZIP 1.1 M