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500 page PI Catalog

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Piezo Motor Actuators & Stages (Ultrasonic Motors and Piezo Step Motors)
Piezo Flexure Stages     Piezo Stack Linear Actuators

Piezo linear motors can be divided into two groups: resonant motors (ultrasonic motors), and non-resonant motors. Both can, in principle, attain unlimited travel, yet they are very different in their design, specifications and performance.

Resonant motors are characterized by a simpler design and higher speeds, piezo step motors can achieve much higher resolution, forces and — over small distances — dynamic performance.

A great advantage of piezo motors is their intrinsic steady-state auto-locking capability. It does away with servo dither and the accompanying heat generation, an undesirable feature of electromagnetic motors. Step and continuous piezo motors are in principle nonmagnetic and vacuum-compatible, a requirement for many applications in the semiconductor industry.

Variety of PI Piezo Motors / Stages

    Advantages of PI Piezoelectric Motors
  • Self Locking in Power-Off Mode
  • Not Affected by Magnetic Fields
  • Vacuum Compatible Versions
  • Custom Motors and Stages Available
More Information on...

 Patented PILine® ultrasonic piezomotors
 Patented NEXACT® & NEXLINE® Piezo-Walk® motors
 SEMI TIS Award Winning Technology
 Piezo Stack Linear Actuators
 Piezo Motor AF-Module for Auto focus & Optical zoom in Cell-phone Camera

NEXLINE® High-Force Actuators

Compact Linear Motors

PILine® Ultrasonic Linear Motor Actuators

Ultrasonic Micro Motors

XY Open-Frame® Piezomotor Stage

Selection Guide Ultrasonic Piezo Motors / Piezo Linear Motor Driven Stages

Linear Stages with Ultrasonic Piezo Motor Drives

 P-652: 3 mm Micro Piezo Motor Stage (open loop) for OEMs
 M-663: 20 mm Closed-Loop Miniature Linear Stage
     Closed Loop, 20 mm travel, 0.1 µm Linear Encoder, 400 mm/sec
 M-664: 25 mm Compact Linear Stage with Fast Piezo Motor Drive
Closed Loop, 25 mm travel, 0.1 µm Linear Encoder
 M-682: 50 mm Compact Linear Stage with Fast Piezo Motor Drive
Closed Loop, 50 mm travel, 0.1 µm Linear Encoder
 M-686 Low-Profile XY Open-Frame Piezomotor Linear Stage
Closed Loop, 25 x 25 mm travel, 0.1 µm Linear Encoder
 M-665: 50 mm Closed-Loop, Low Profile Linear Stage
Closed Loop, 50 mm travel, 0.1 µm Linear Encoder
 M-661/M-662 Ultra-Compact Linear Stages
     Open Loop, 18 / 20 mm travel, 500 mm/sec
 Download PDF Catalog: PILine® Drives for Automation:
     Ultrasonic Piezomotors for High-Speed Actuation and Positioning
 Technote: New Linear Ultrasonic Micromotor for Precision
     Mechatronic Systems

 More Piezoelectric Motor Papers
 Miniature Linear Stage Brochure
  Watch M-661 demo video
In this demo, recorded at the 2004 BIOS Show San Jose, an M-661 is reversing directions between two hard stops as fast as possible. The stage exceeds the video frame rate, so listen to the sound for an indication of the real speed.

Ultrasonic Motors / Actuators for OEM Applications

P-652 Sub-mini Ultrasonic Piezomotor Drive for OEMs
 Piezo Motor AF-Module / Auto Focus / Zoom in Cell-phone Camera
P-661 Ultrasonic Piezo Motors for OEMs
M-674 RodDrive, Ultrasonic Piezomotor Linear Actuator for OEMs

Controllers for Ultrasonic Piezo Motors / Stages
C-170 RedStone Open-Loop Controller
C-866 Closed-Loop, High-Performance Controller for
     Ultrasonic Linear Piezo Motors
Download all PILine® Datasheets:
    Piezo Motors, Stages, Controllers (PDF)

Selection Guide: PiezoWalk® Step Motors
NEXLINE® & NEXACT® High Load, Long Travel, Piezo Motor Drives, Sub-nm Resolution
N-310: 20 mm Compact NEXACT® OEM Piezo Stepping Drives
N-111: 5 mm High-Load OEM-Drives
     <0.1 nm Resolution, >80 N Holding Force

N-214: 20 mm High-Load Drive <0.1 nm Resolution,
    >600 N Holding Force, Incremental Encoder

E-755: Digital Controller for NEXLINE®
     Piezoelectric Linear Nanopositioning Drives,

Download PDF Catalog: PiezoWalk® Drives: Nanopositioning and
     Picopositioning Actuators with Millimeter-Travel

Working Principle NEXLINE® Piezo-Walk®

Rotational Piezo Motors
Unidirectional Rotational Piezo Motor (HTML)
Unidirectional Rotational Piezo Motor (PDF)

Other Piezo Information
Piezo Stacks
Download PDF Catalog on Precision Piezo Step Motors
     and Fast Ultrasonic Piezo Motors

Piezoelectric Motors & Nano Drives
PI Catalog: Piezoelectric Motors & Nano Drives
Piezo Nanopositioning Systems Catalog
Piezo Ultrasonic Motors on Wikipedia
PI Katalog: Piezoelektrische Motoren
Piezo Linear Actuators (Pushers) and Ceramics (Selection Guide)
Piezo Ceramics for Custom and OEM Applications (General Information)
PI Piezo Actuator Experience
Piezo NanoPositioning Systems, Scanning Stages
Piezo Motor Driven Stage, Animation
Ultrasonic Piezo Motor Driven Stage, Animation

Watch Mini Motor Video Below

 Watch RodDrive Animation below.
RodDrive integrated in positioning stage, animation.

 Watch PI NEXLINE Animation
  (Combined Dithering/Step Mode)

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