Advantages of Piezoelectric Positioning
Unlimited Resolution

A piezoelectric actuator (PZT) can
produce extremely fine position
changes down to the sub-nanometer
range. The smallest changes in
operating voltage are converted into
smooth movements. Motion is not
influenced by siction, friction or
threshold voltages.
Large Force Generation

PZTs can generate forces of several
10,000 N. PI offers units that move loads up
to several tons of position over a range of
more than 100 Ám with sub-nanometer
resolution (see "PZT Actuators" section).
Rapid Response

Piezo actuators offer the fastest response time
available (microsecond time constants).
Acceleration rates of more than 10,000 g's can
be obtained.
No Magnetic Fields

The piezoelectric effect is
related to electric fields. PZT
actuators do not produce mag-
netic fields nor are they
affected by them. Piezo
devices are especially well
suited for applications where
magnetic fields cannot be tol-


Low Power Consumption

In a PZT electrical energy is converted
directly into motion, absorbing elec-trical energy during movement only.
Static operation, even holding heavy
loads, consumes virtually no energy.
Operation at Cryogenic Temperatures

The piezo effect is based on electric fields and
functions down to almost zero Kelvin.
Vacuum and Clean-Room Compatible

Piezo actuators employ ceramic elements that do
not need any lubricants and exhibit no wear or abra-
sion. This makes them clean-room compatible and
ideally suited for ultra-high-vacuum applications.
No Wear and Tear

A piezo actuator has neither
gears nor rotating shafts.
Its displacement is based on
solid-state phenomena and
exhibits no wear and tear.
PI has conducted endurance
tests on PZTs in which vitually
no change in performance
was observed after several
billion cycles.